Department of 
Cellular and Integrative Physiology
Peter Hornsby, Ph.D.
A collaborative network: Dr. Peter Hornsby, Professor of Physiology, researches on the use of various kinds of stem cells as therapy, employing nonhuman primates (marmosets). This kind of research requires a collaborative network. Dr. Hornsby works in conjunction with a scientific team comprising Dr. Marcel Daadi (stem cell biologist and expert in neurosurgery) and Dr. Suzette Tardif (one of the world's experts on the marmoset).
UT Health Science Center 


Dr. Suzette Tardif, Associate Director of the Southwest National Primate Research Center
Dr. Marcel Daadi, Associate Scientist & Director of Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine, Southwest National Primate Research Center

B.A. (Honors), University of Oxford, 1971

Ph.D., University of London Institute of Cancer Research, 1974

Steven Farnsworth
Graduate Research Assistant

Jacob Hemmi
Graduate Student